Abacus of Love

by The Cradle

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    dubbed at studio B aka 25 slime
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Green Again 00:44
now the air's getting cold thought's edge can cut skin I can leave into the water, see myself in the drowning pool now the air's getting cold I can escape my skin I can leave into the air to spit in the drowning pool a voice comes from behind reaches for my shame-ears I turn my body in the street it says "what are you lookin at?" it says "I should kill you" it says "I should fucking kill you" I have nothing to do so I turn my body and walk now the air's getting cold but there's no color on the trees they creep from green to brown with nothing in between and outside in the street I can hear the machines. they're repaving the street that goes under the trees and my glad-ears are hearing the music of their working. the machines cease to run and my life goes on.
the voids in my life are not shaped like people the empty spaces are shaped like places and longing. corner of mine corner of mine.
Abdicate 02:55
when I wake up in the night I'm not wrong i'm not wrong i'm not right when the dark is mine alone I'm not wrong abdicate! I grow tired of the ties so I must abdicate when I abdicate my role in the whole I'm not wrong when I feel the eyes are closed I'm just gone I'm not wrong
Beads 01:14
Abacus 02:25
abacus, the beads of events go by and then winter comes. you think that you see meaning in the colors you think that you see feeling in the abacus. abacus, you've taken a name and sublimated your lust into something you can push across an abacus, into something it's easy to say in your given tongue.
Green 02:18
I slept at my mom's after the show at that place we sometimes go. I went dream-towards a single sense, green as a memory strong as a drunk's affection I pressed the body warm with my dream flesh. I dreamed your face right this time you were a boy again this time
when my senses broke I woke up alone it felt good to not have to say a word to any one time for the fall from scenes I can't now recall one more time for the day I fill a cup of coffee and drink. used to try and get drunk- now I just drink for luck. I'm trying to picture my life before I knew how to get fucked, and how to fuck. I think that was a good dream but I can't make that scene I feel like a dog dragged around when I'm just trying to piss
why you gotta do that? why you wanna do that? (the feeling of having done wrong the feeling of forgetting someone who am I disappointing today? where are my disappointments today?)
a cabinet lays on the corner like a sepulcher- becomes thing of least use, as I cross within the seeing space of that thing. a piece of metal shaped like a whale lay in my hand- it had no use. it looked good. I'd have sent it for you to see it but someone else thought I owed them something of use. oh, thing of least use thing of least use.


Recorded in Macon, Georgia at Willie Dantzler's house above Fresh Produce Records, December 2015, except for Ani's interpolations (tracks 1, 5, 9, and 12), recorded by her at her house in bk, ny, and a couple bass overdubs i added back in bk.

THANK YOU Willie and Ben for housing me and for letting me use that amazing tascam 424 and that crazy green flanger pedal and your mics and everything else. Thank you Frank Hurricane for letting me use your holy 6 string .



released July 15, 2016

tracks 1, 5, 9, and 12 arranged, recorded, and performed by anina ivry-block.




The Cradle Brooklyn, New York

i'm paco. the cradle is my music. currently live in brooklyn ny.

for booking/whatever: pkcathcart@yahoo.com or
646 220 3328

i also engineer for other people/bands. hit me up for that analog natural jank.
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