The Opposite Way

from by The Cradle



A couple of missionaries walk the street.
I shake out my face and prepare to greet
Them at the door, where I'll take the pamphlet,
Put it on the shelf, where it'll sit
For maybe a month or more.
But they pass by our door.

You go away and come back yesterday.
You are a good missionary.
That's the only way to be,
When you're in someone else's country.

Kids taking jumpshots in the park across the way.
The ball goes up now and comes down yesterday.
I wish I'd got on that train,
That was heading the opposite way.
The opposite way is the way to be-
That's the only way for me.

The treasure room is already at our backs
But what's the point in leaving without the stash?
I've got a spell that will make time stop,
Just at the right time-
Just when it became mine.

Well, here are a few of the things I have:
My cup of coffee and
My red hat,
My ashes and crumbs on
My desk,
My savior's cell phone and
My sex.
I've got a spell that will suck up the sand.


from Little Missionaries, released June 1, 2017




The Cradle Brooklyn, New York

i'm paco. the cradle is my music. currently live in brooklyn ny.

for booking/whatever: or
646 220 3328

i also engineer for other people/bands. hit me up for that analog natural jank.
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