The Opposite Way, Continued

from by The Cradle



I'm giving up a new love
I'm giving up my best blood
There's no reason, I'm just giving it up
I don't need a reason, I'm just giving it up...

Oh, how the weather does change
It gets so strange when your mind stays the same
In the picture that memory has fixed
You hold on to your mom by the watch on her wrist.

Birds all on the fence in a line
Scatter on instinct when I pass by.
Refugees crossing the sea-
When will we understand what it means
to be giving up a new love?

A gameboy game falls from the shelf to the floor
I look up and decide to love you no more
I go outside to cut open my chest
The moth that escapes means it's time to reject.

oh, your hands are so strong...

The song self-contained
The song self-refrained
When wil the song change?
When will it explain why we're giving up a new love?

Oh how the memories change
The kid with the broken watch will explain
How I became friends with my dad
And renounced the new love I had

I can live to recall
I can't live to recall


from Little Missionaries, released June 1, 2017
Anina Ivry-Block on vocals




The Cradle Brooklyn, New York

i'm paco. the cradle is my music. currently live in brooklyn ny.

for booking/whatever: or
646 220 3328

i also engineer for other people/bands. hit me up for that analog natural jank.
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